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A caged woman coached to to defend Baas in the racism incident

Caged womanThe story of a caged woman in Eastern Cape has left me speechless and filled with rage. When we seem to work towards a united front incidents like these set us back tremendously. Personally  I feel that this hate reflects the unfortunate truth in many of our white country men and women not willing to relinquish their white supremacy status.  This farmer took it to another level when he caged a black woman on the back of the bakkie.

Such incident leaves a bitter taste on the tongue of those committed to create a united South Africa. It makes you wonder if there will ever be peace between black people and white people?

The story of a caged woman sparked another level of anger for many black people; while many do not want to voice their anger because they will be labeled as racists and risk losing their jobs. Again Baas wins because Baas wins all the time. I am holding every inch of me from declaring an all out war to white supremacists such as these people. It shows clearly that diplomacy alone will never work; Nelson Mandela did it in ’94 and look where it’s led us. It has brought us to this point where our parents are caged like wild animals. As a young black mail you can understand my temptation to go to war against people with this kind of thinking.

In 1994 we never really killed the snake, we only bruised it body and now it raises it head to bite. We should have crushed its head, but instead we chose diplomacy. It has worked for Nelson Mandela, his family and comrades but for millions of black people it has send them deep into the heart of lions’ den.

This caged woman a sign of the reality faced by black people in South Africa

Caged womanBlack people in South Africa are still caged; and can never be free unless they decide to break the shackles and fight for their freedom. How many black people wishing to express themselves on incidents like this; but cannot because they cannot afford to upset the Baas and risk losing their jobs? Because white supremacy produces slavery such as the incident of a caged woman. Therefore I will always challenge and make any white supremacists uncomfortable around me; I know there are authentic white brothers and sisters who would lament such inhumane behavior that undermines the value of another race! Let us united and fight white supremacy people.


This farmer will get a fine and escape unscratched in this incident. I say bull why don’t he get in that flippin cage and be paraded around the same distance this woman was paraded.

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Dumi Mbona

Dumi is a father, an entrepreneur and a professional events manager. He grew up in a gutter, severely abused as a child he learned life on the street and had a short stint in gangsterism. Dumi is highly knowledgeable about his passion which is music. His love for people and special interest in different cultures has driven him to the world of events. He believes that events connect people and cultures. Dumi is groomed as a leader, a political analyst and a keen marketing genius. His ability to be creative and innovative set him up to be one of the people the world needs to lookout for. From a young age he read lots of materials, from novels to poetry. He fell in love with writing and sharing information. Dumi is generally friendly and loves his community. He appreciates life through music. He loves God but don't believe in what the modern church stands for. He possess a strong community development and sport background. Dumi is a son of the soil, African soil that is. He welcomes you to help him reach heights that he always dream of. Thank you.

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