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Government dropped maths pass to 20% for grade 7 – 9

GovermentOur government continues their constant distraction of our society. The Department of Basic Education announced 20% pass in maths for learners in grade 7-9.  I love the reason they gave us for this: “we want to help learners”. A top class reason they could come up with is “we want to help the learners”. So if you want to help somebody succeed in anything you just lower the standards of expectation and expand their level of deprivation! Way to go Angie and your team in the Department of Education.

Let me paint this picture for you: The top decision making committee of our education, highly qualified men and women sat down and discussed how they can make our education world class. They realized that there was a real problem in our schools. Learners did not pass Maths and Science, therefore something needed to be done.

These honorable men and women came up with thee best solution ever! The solution to solve our maths passing rate problem and produce more engineers, scientists, pilots, astronauts etc, is to drop the pass percentage to 20%! And everyone in that committee clapped their hands at this ground breaking solution! They felt good about themselves and their solutions, after all these men and women are highly qualified and trusted with the most critical department.

They then decided to come back with this decision and tell the whole world that South African kids and their teachers are so incapable, so much so that they cannot even achieve 40% in maths; therefore we have decided to keep inline with our 3rd world status and give them 20% pass! This 20% will help produce more engineers whom the world can trust and make use of! WOW BRAVO Department of Basic Education! Bravo to you!

Here is what I think about this decision

GovernmentGovernment has appointed incapable individuals in most critical departments. But then again insecure managers and leaders will never appoint people who are more intelligent than them. This decision shows signs of government in real trouble. More departments reveal lack of able individuals with skill and tensity to get the job done.

It shows a government who pursue stats and quantity over quality. Quality has dropped in many critical departments such as Police, Nursing and Teaching.

Therefore this government has made it easy for people to criticize them because of stupid decisions such as this 20% maths pass! This decision should never have seen light and day from that boardroom. It adds insult to our kids; insulting their levels of intelligence. Out of all possible solutions this is the one that stood out to them?

I know that they made this decision not considering the outcome, they only thought of how well they will look when stats show improved Maths pass rate. I challenge you as a parent or learner reading this now to comment and tell me that you or your child deserve a 20% Maths pass!

Here is what Government should have done

  • Bring back the reward system in our school, I am not talking about what appeals to you but a reward that appeals to learners! Give out tickets to a special event for learners who pass Maths
  • Have special compulsory fun learning program for learners struggling with maths. One of the most boring things about learning is that it is not made fun! TV learning programs are ok but remember that they compete with MTV which is much more fun. Therefore find ways to make Maths fun. The problem is not that learners do not know Maths, problem is that Maths is not fun to learn! Our kids are far more capable then you think!
  •  Get out of classrooms for Maths, each learner in that classroom wants to be outside of the class, therefore how about outdoor learning with more practicality applications to what is being learned.
  • Group Incentives: Giving out incentives for passing Maths to a class, this will encourage learners to work more as a team; those still lacking in Maths will be assisted by their peers. Not only this helps with their marks but it will instill a key skill required in the work place: Team Work.
In Conclusion

I know that Government officials enjoy going to expensive hotels for absolute nothing. Hence nothing gets done and come end of the year the best solution they could come up with is 20% Maths pass! Are you kidding me! This shows a 20% leadership capabilities in our government!

Mom Angie if you need assistance please say so, we will gladly offer you our help because we love our kids, our country and our government. Statements such as these make us look like fools to the rest of the world. You can do better than 20%. Avoiding the problem does not solve it! This 20% Maths pass will only add to the existing problems in education. Stop destroying our future, stop condemning a black child to a curse of slavery through inferior education standards!

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