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Big Brother Naija showcasing African culture

Big Brother Naija

Apart from it being a game, Big Brother Naija showcase Nigerian culture and pride. At first I did not regard the show, thanks to my girlfriend who made me miss soccer games because of Big Brother Naija. Men would know that TV remote wars often leads to no sex if you win them….so you better lose. So I lost remote rights but I am grateful I did.

I find myself automatically tuning in to the show; I know and follow all characters there (well-done babe).

But more than anything what attracted me to the show was its ability to showcase Nigerian culture. South Africans unfortunately exposed to Nigerian nationals living on crime here in South Africa; and so have a distorted picture about Nigeria and its people.

Nigerian movies often have a sense of unreality and they not easily believable. But Big Brother Naija gives us an opportunity to walk a journey with Nigerian brothers and sisters. To be exposed to an ordinary life of a Nigeria person.

Few things I have learned about Nigeria just by watching Big Brother Naija

Big brother naija

  • Just like South Africans, Nigerians have same superstitions
  • When having meals they eat around the same table with everyone
  • Music and dance deeply integrated in the culture
  • Diverse cultures
  • Driven by same social ills that forces us to want to do better in life
  • Respect prevails no matter the circumstances

Well done to the players of the game, they have presented Nigeria well. Excited for opportunities that await house mates out there. Can you guys explain why Efe is so popular? that’s the part of the game I do not understand. Nevertheless I believe the game played with good spirit by interesting characters will always have a lesson.

I hope that there will be tasks given to Housemates addressing Xenophobia currently taking place here in South Africa.

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