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Julius Malema a dictator in the making

Julius MalemaBeautiful South Africa do we allow a dictator to grow right underneath our noses in Julius Malema? The aggression shown by the Commander In Chief of the EFF leaves a lot to be desired. I personally feel that we are heading for dictatorship as more and more people seek a political home in the EFF.

What confuses me the most is that many people seem to have no problem with his approach. The ANC falling into pieces, EFF might just be in power sooner than anticipated. One would have thought that ANC can swiftly make changes in its incompetent leadership but clearly not.

While everyone sit and fold their arms watching Julius Malema’s aggressive nature at play; we may wake under his dictatorship. He has the attributes of a dictator whom some of them meant well for their countries when rising to power; but ended up inflicting more pain to those who disagreed with them. His attack on Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe reveals a man willing to become the most powerful man in Africa. His ability to gain support even as untrustworthy as he is, calls for concern.

What concerns me the most is that he has intelligent young people around him which makes EFF an attraction to many.

Julius Malema changes colors

Supporting a leader like Julius Malema is a reckless thing to do. Unless the ANC do something and do it fast to sort their house we will find ourselves at the hands of the most dangerous dictator in the making. I don’t believe I am saying this: but DA could be much more of an ideal alternative when compared to EFF.

I respect Julius Malema as the CIC of the EFF, however I do not trust him at all. The man changes color like a Chameleon; one day he is pro-poor and against white corporate the next day he is protecting the interests of these corporate. One day he lays his life down for Zuma and the next he hates Zuma’s guts. He is anti-whites and the next day he votes with them; he is proud of Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane and the next day he regrets selecting her as the new Public Protector. ¬†One day he adores Robert Mugabe as the greatest leader in Africa and the next he calls Zim people cowards for failing to dethrone Mugabe. Who is this guy?

One thing I know is that if we do not condemn this conduct; we will wake in a country of Julius Malema; ready to go to war with other African countries; it will not be funny then.


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