about us


Dumi Mbona: Is the man behind the vision. He is a visionary with wealth of experience in the music business both as a recording artist and as a music promoter.

" The music industry is not for the faint at heart. It is a gruesome experience for most artists and an absolute blessing for a few. New artists hoping to break into the industry often rely on their talent! A huge mistake, talent alone will not cut it. I have seen lots of talent going to waste while other artists with very little talent thrive. Without a well constructed marketing strategy for your music career, you are in the business of hitting and hoping. Through this platform we hope we can assist artists to navigate the jungle and hopefully come out triumphant"

Vision: UVIM exists to market, promote the image of our clients (Artists), linking them with their respected customers for economical sound relationships.

UVIM is a music/artist marketing firm which focuses on providing promotional services to independent artists and record labels. The idea is to help artists expand their market reach. We are adding value to Artists and record labels by taking the responsibilities of strategically plotting success of artists both signed and independent.


  • Establish a recognized entertainment brand.
  • Plan and implement entertainment projects including events.
  • Form strong and meaningful business relationships/collaborations within the entertainment industry.
  • Provide clients the best and unique entertainment experience by grouping various entertainment fractions under one roof.
  • Become the marketing hub for new and well established artists.
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