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Americans have sent a message to the rest of world

AMERICANSAmericans have made it clear to the rest of the world that they do not give an F-word about anyone else! This comes after Donald Trump shocked the world by winning elections and becoming the 45th USA President. The Americans showed their support to a self-proclaimed rapist by voting him to the highest office in the world. They proved that no-one else matters but themselves. Hence they do not mind starting wars wherever they feel like.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 3 years, maybe one is being unfair on Mr. Trump and his Americans. But this elections sent this message to the world:

From Americans to the world

Dear world, we regret to tell you that you have no place in our country. From the 8th November 2016 if you are not white then you are no longer welcome in this country. By the way to make America great again means we are making it more white. Under Barack Obama America became blacker and blacker, thanks to our police on the street who started shooting these things. It soon dawned on us as the American people that America had lost it identity under Barack “Black” Obama.

Donald Trump came up with a brilliant solution to this problem! Can you believe it? All these years we had a man on our TV screen with the greatest solution to our black issue. When he said he will build a wall that will keep Mexicans out our country, kill everything black inside America and Prohibit everything that is brown from entering the country.

Establish our friendship with Russia (our biggest enemy). We did not understand why Russia and America fights all the time. Russia is white and therefore we should be friends with them. By the way what was Barack Obama doing befriending countries such as Cuba? Donald Trump can have his hands all over our women’s bodies. Talk about them anyhow, rape them if he wants to as long as he kicks anything brown out of the country and make America white again!

But there is hope at the end of the tunnel

AmericansYes Donald Trump’s selection came as a shock to everyone around the globe. But maybe just maybe this man becomes the most awesome President in the history of all Presidents. He has built an empire in his Estate business and other ventures. His ability to create wealth may work for the people of America. The main concern here is foreign relations…..but maybe not much of a concern since he may have engaged foreign businessmen and women before.

Could it be that Donald Trump is a threat to business models that have endangered Americans businesses and livelihood? Something we need to be weary of as South Africans! He spoke strongly about Chinese businesses, but maybe he is on to something. Chinese are the most aggressive group of people in advancing their businesses in foreign countries. They normally do not care about local people.

We know Americans pride themselves in being the greatest innovators and first in everything, from Technology to Walking on the moon. Making America great again could be in that sense. Donald Trump is the most feared individual right now. People fear his inability to have a stable mentality. He portrays a loose canon type of an individual. I believe that’s what makes everyone panic a bit.

Donald Trump hopefully will continue surprising by producing the unexpected.


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Dumi Mbona

Dumi is a father, an entrepreneur and a professional events manager. He grew up in a gutter, severely abused as a child he learned life on the street and had a short stint in gangsterism. Dumi is highly knowledgeable about his passion which is music. His love for people and special interest in different cultures has driven him to the world of events. He believes that events connect people and cultures. Dumi is groomed as a leader, a political analyst and a keen marketing genius. His ability to be creative and innovative set him up to be one of the people the world needs to lookout for. From a young age he read lots of materials, from novels to poetry. He fell in love with writing and sharing information. Dumi is generally friendly and loves his community. He appreciates life through music. He loves God but don't believe in what the modern church stands for. He possess a strong community development and sport background. Dumi is a son of the soil, African soil that is. He welcomes you to help him reach heights that he always dream of. Thank you.

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