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ANC’s occupy Luthuli House leader Hijacked and Kidnapped

According to City Press the Occupy Luthuli House campaign leader hijacked and kidnapped and told to shut his big mouth. Luthuli House is ¬†ANC’s headquarters. The occupy Luthuli House Campaign started after ANC’s dismal performance in local government elections early August.

This poor showing at the polls by the ruling party sparked major concerns from it members. Arrogance and ignorance is believed to have been the ruling party’s downfall. Self believing to be an untouchable giant by ANC resulted in dissatisfaction from its loyal members, who chose to stay at home instead of voting.

Local Councillors imposed on communities. Ministers and State Owned Enterprises managers questionable characters, continue to be a snare in the ANC led government. Those who predicted the end of the ruling party’s reign might have something on their prophesy.

Could this be the end of ANC’s reign?

Is this the beginning of the end for the African National Congress? A party so rich with beautiful history, a party that has captured the imaginations of many previously disadvantaged people. The liberation movement has transcended on all adversaries during the liberation movement.

Can the ruling party survive the age of “clever blacks” and greedy individuals who has infiltrated their ranks.

From a distance this party looks to have decayed from inside. It has housed many opportunistic politicians who careless about economic growth, accessible education and many other promised promises during our honeymoon. Leaders with questionable characters and lacking vibrancy to lead a vibrant country such as South Africa makes you wonder if this is the beginning of the end for ANC’s reign.

President Zuma is one uninspiring individuals I have ever heard of. The President may be “intelligent” to those who know him and has worked with him closely, but that intelligence appears to be cunning and deceptive. I have never been a President so I cannot talk about him as a President, however I am a leader so I can talk about him as a leader.

One thing I believe a leader should and that is offer inspirational leadership. There is not a single individual that can get everything right and please everyone. But inspiration is achievable by bullshitting less and leading to inspire men and women that will be proud to live in a country led by you. Inspire people you lead to take responsibility for the country they lead.

Why ANC may fail to provide an inspirational leader!

The outgoing President of the ANC, President Zuma is the most uninspiring leader South Africa has ever recieved. When did he lose a taste because before becoming a President he was the most popular individual in the country, so popular that even Julius Malema and EFF vowed to kill for him. Contrary to the picture we see today.

There is nothing people appreciate more than being respected! You may fail in many things but do not fail to respect the people you lead. President Zuma and the ruling party failed in this aspect dismally. They moved from a party for people to a party against people the moment they started thinking about their fat greedy desires. Created systems that assured they stomach this is spelled “corruption”.

The youth organization of the ANC is led by voiceless puppets who are just happy to have arrived in the money bucket of leadership, middle fingering all young people in the process.

The #Fessmustfall campaign has provided more inspirational leadership than the South African government. Once a party that prided itself for standing with and for people, today ANC finds itself on the other side against people. Will this party recover? only time will tell. President Zuma continues to be one individual that is costing the party its integrity.

Tired leadership lacking means to inspire a brighter future

Looking at ANC leadership, these senior men and women are really finding it difficult to keep up with pace, in a fast moving society. The party has maybe held to its beautiful policies without refreshing them so they are relevant to the current and future society. Yes you may provide the basic needs to the public but people evolve. What may have been a basic need 20 years may no longer be relevant now.

And therefore policies need a revamp in order to stay relevant across generations. We see many young black youth seeking a political future away from the ANC, especially its dull youth wing ANCYL.

Leaders in the ANC have seen it all, done it all, and achieved it all. Why are they allowed to continue serving in a fast changing world of technology? Why are they holding on to positions when they are no longer relevant? Right now Hlaudi Motsoenang former COO at SABC is the most arrogant man I have ever met. This man knows that he lives in the land where leadership suffers no consequences at all. How can a party so rich in history rot from its core?

ANC these days is not radical about anything because its leadership is caught up on self enriching gravy train of greed. The opposition parties have done nothing at all to decrease ANC’s popularity, it is the ANC that has allowed arrogance to blindfold their minds. The party has spitted in the face of voters and pissed on the graves of struggle icons.

The party has turned into an ugly monster that bullies everyone around it.

Bleak future with this leadership at the helm

The ruling party is rich in depth of leaders that can do an outstanding job. The current ANC leadership has produced nothing but hopelessness and cannot be trusted. Uncle Gwede Mantashe has not made sense in over 8 years every time he opens his mouth. A man once used to be called “brains” in the organization. Baleka Mbete is in that leadership not by merit, if it was by merit the public would by now have confidence on her. Deputy President could have been the hope for this party had he not trade places, and betraying struggle values.

There is so much leaks and lacks in that leadership! The party needs an overhaul. There must be consequences for letting people down. The country’s universities have been striking demanding free education which is in the freedom charter. Not a single leadership of the country has come to address students. Instead they send police to shoot them. Minister Blade Nzimande once stood for free education, today he is nowhere to be found.

This is a government that has known people’s residential addresses before elections and soon after elections forgotten the addresses. These are leaders who choose air conditioned offices over attending students grievances. This is a government that chooses to send police to shoot down anyone that stands to demand a better life and free education.

The future is in yours and mine hands, only us can decide.

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