Angelina Jollie and Brad Pitt quit on their marriage

Brangelina is no more. Angelina Jollie has filed for divorce with Brad Pitt. Known as the Hollywood’s hot couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jollie separate. These two are the hardest working couple. Not only do they excel in movies, but in social justice as well. It is no rocket science that the two individuals have the strongest characters. 12 years into marriage one has to say ‘it has survived’. But there is a problem with that thinking. The problem is that most celebrity marriages are not expected to last. This thinking unfortunately compromises the concept of marriage.

Angelina JollieAngelina Jollie and Brad Pitt seem to have done well in holding it down in their marriage. The scary thought is that 12 years later they quit. What is it that drives two people who were devoted to loving each other to wake up one day and decide ” It is over”. I have never been married before, but I think that society at large is becoming less enthusiastic about getting married.

What is Marriage after all?

I have often asked my friends married or not “what is marriage?” The reason for this question is because there are cases where a couple divorces but later hook up again and have the best time of their lives with each other but unmarried. It would be interesting to know how many people truly understand why they get married or want to get married. I respect Angelina Jollie and Brad Pitt for committing to one another for such a long time. Too many celebrity couples marry for a short period of time then divorce.

There are wonderful celebrity couples such as Jay-Z and Beyonce who respect the lifestyle called marriage. So what is marriage after all? I have heard many answers to this question.

Angelina Jollie not happy with Brad’s parenting skills

It has been reported that Angelina Jollie was not happy with how Brad Pitt interacted with their 6 kids. How bad a father is Brad to drive Angelina to file for divorce? Surely this cannot be the reason people! Could this be financially driven maybe? We do not know but the truth will come out sooner or later.

It has been reported that Brad slapped their 15 year old son. Now as a father myself I do sympathize with Brad here. We are raising boys who suppose to become men with upright characters in society. Now boys will challenge authority, that is how boys are. They challenge authority, pushing boundaries. The biggest question here is what do you do when your teenage son challenges your authority as the head of the house. Moms this is where you sit down and not “mommy boy” a man. Angelina Jollie might have interfered with the Father Son moment here. Aggressive? maybe but he is the father and I am sure he loves his boy. Sadly it costed him his marriage which I believe there is more to this story.

What is Marriage

Coming to this key question again, what is marriage? Who should get married and why? What is so important about marriage?



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