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Thandi Klaasen celebrated 

Thandi KlaasenThe South African jazz singer Thandi Klaasen celebrated after her passing. A true icon in the South African music industry Thandi reminds us of the era that produced nothing but legends of music. The class of Miriam Makeba, Dorothy Masuku and Dolly Rathebe; this is the class that brought us music from the pain and joy of their souls.

At 86 mama Thandi Klaasen died of pancreatic cancer. Her music soothed and healed many hearts during Apartheid times. She and other icons such Hugh Masilela made music that filled hope in many people at the time. Through music they held hands of South African people and walked them through the pain. An era that encouraged music for the people other music for money and drugs.

Though eras produce different styles of music and artists; the current era has to go down in history as the most poor quality musical era. I can understand difficulty faced by artists today. Artists today no longer doing music for the region but for the world. And also music became critical in telling our story to the world since the limitation and control on other platforms meant jail if caught. Today everyone have freedom to tell our story anyhow they so wish in any platform there may be out there.

But hopefully icons such as Thandi Klaasen through their death would plant a seed of greatness in the modern days artists who seem obsessed with sex.

I trust they will look at how celebrated this icon has been and be inspired to make music to be remembered by not music to be forgotten by. No denial that talented artists are out there but I am weary of lack of quality writers. The world lacks quality music writers; hence such senseless lyrics on many songs.

Skilled music writers wrote songs for skilled singers such as mama Klaasen and talented composers and producers would finish the product. Today one person does everything. That maybe viewed as talent but it compromises the quality in the song. I have faith that we will produce more future icons in the category of mama Thandi Klaasen

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