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Caster Semenya
Caster Semenya’s Olympic win unites South Africans

Caster Semenya’s Olympic Gold has sparked a lot of negative reaction in America and Europe and some idiots in South Africa. The nation has just come out of racial tensions leading up to elections. With all the attempt to try and act normal in an abnormal global society, the racial demons keep popping on every corner. Caster Semenya’s gender has been a talking point for many years.

With high testosterone Caster Semenya was cleared to compete with other women athletes in Rio Olympics. Her latest win at the Olympics seem to not have impressed many people. Noticeably Americans and Europeans. South Africans are celebrating her achievements while the world which criticizes everything not American or European. Thanks to social networks everyone have a voice on the subject. The Caster story is a South African story. Her story shows how the world chooses who is more important then the other. But also her story shows the potential within South African people to unite behind a common goal.

Caster Semenya our Golden Girl inspires Golden Hearts

South Africa has had its hurdles and huge racial challenges due to inequality and social injustices. Like the 1995 Rugby World Cup Triumph, Caster Semenya has brought South Africa together to celebrate and unite against Western Countries who turn to have jealous when a brown country succeed in something. They love Usain Bolt because they cannot do anything to destabilize him. They hardly recognize athletes who are not from Europe or America. It is like these competitions are all about America and Europe and other countries are just guests.

Caster Semenya

Caster’s win has revealed Golden hearts in the majority of all South Africans. The reaction on twitter is humbling when both black and white people defend their daughter. This is a golden present to all women of South Africa. Our ability to celebrate the country’s achievement’s despite our racial differences, is a clear sign that South Africans are made of gold. Our ability to have peaceful elections and engage in robust debates on uncomfortable issues is a clear sign that we are made of Gold.

We have a long journey

Yes we have a long way to go. There are still many more rivers to cross. We will fight among each other, but we promise that we can burn the house together for one another. I believe that we have to truly recognize Black Pain and White Privileges. That we need to admit that white people did wrong to black people which led to encounter majority of our problems today. Those are things not to be ignored. We have golden hearts we can go through a period of recognizing what we have done to one another and how best we can mend our relationship. However together we capable of building a society that does not hurt anymore. A society that is true to each other, this may be just an idealistic society, but indulge with me in this dream.

Message to women of South Africa

Let us use the opportunity that God has granted us through Caster Semenya to recognize the strength of a woman. There is not a single person that came to earth without a Life Incubator called a womb of a woman. Not even our Lord Jesus Christ. Women we are your sons and daughters, we need you to raise us and do not stop or give up on us. Only you know the pain of bringing us to this world. Only you know the phenomenal of two or more lives in one, two or more hearts beating in one. Yes get up and lead the corporate, lead the political sphere, but never forget the comfort you bring to your home.

Before you were created, the world was a cold and lonely place, God spectacularly created you. This was the best part of creation. We can never understand the pain of having have something taken from you in a form of rape. No can we ever understand the pain of being called a man just because your testosterone is high. Who are we to take from you when we received lives from you. Women you have a mission to raise other women. As men we stand shocked at who you are since day one of creation.

Thank yo Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya, thank you for standing strong in a storm of Europe and American hate. Chin up girl you have got the rest South Africa behind you. The flag around your shoulders should give the strength you need to stand against American and European jealous. Thank you South Africa for loving your girl. Americans and Europeans celebrate and even have sex with Bruce Jenner a proven man, but nerves to make noise about Caster Semenya a proven woman. Next time you want to make noise about Caster being a man go look yourself in the mirror you might consider plastic surgery!

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