ChristmasChristmas times are the most anticipated times in the human race, during this time families and friends get together to celebrate Christmas. We indulge ourselves in all sort foods and entertainment, why not after-all we have worked our butts off throughout the year. Now we get to enjoy our hard earned cash. Treat our kids to all kinds Christmas presents, foods and sweets.

Bonuses mean that there is more money than usual. Churches get to remember orphans and widows. Everyone in good spirit except for people working in retail. They have to keep open in order to attend to your shopping demands. Long queues and cranky attitudes is all they have to deal with. These men and women work long hours and often miss the Christmas spirit just to make your shopping easy.

In our celebration and joyful times there is lot of tears. The pain this period brings is unimaginable to those not subjected to it. I remember my childhood days Christmas meant freebees at a local tuck-shop. People were not just merry and indulging themselves in all sort of foods but they were generous as well. This practice has disappeared in our society only small groups of people still practice the spirit of generosity.

The reason for this season

We seem to have forgotten the reason for this season! Jesus’ “birthday” being celebrated across the globe. It means that God gave the world a gift! He did not just keep it in his family, he shared this gift with you and I hence the celebration. But due to our selfish ways of life we have totally missed the actual reason for the season which is generosity at its best. Instead we have interpreted this season according to the size of our pockets, largely inspired by the economics of politics. We self-indulge in the most selfish manner. But then again this is how we live our lives today, it is all about me and my family, stuff everybody else.

Friends let us remember the reason we have this season. It does not hurt to be generous to someone else, with money, food, friendship, on the road etc.

You will be amazed at the number of people hurting during this time. Guess what? we can assist in that hurt/pain since we are not under work pressure. We are in our best moods and behavior therefore we have the energy and the temperament to help where there is a situation. Politics have driven us apart let us not allow them to do the same in Christmas.

Christmas Generosity can save lives

How many plan their Christmas but end up preparing for a funeral for one of their loved ones. High accidents on our roads are just clear examples of how selfish and inconsiderate we have become. Do not thing for once government mourns your loss, for them this would be a good time for population control, this is “purge anarchy” time in their calendar.

Time to be generous, spare a Rand or two for a stranger or that cashier or those without during this time. Doing that could be a much better lesson for your kids than teaching them about Santa!

Oh black people please stop talking English to your kids, you look ridiculous, what happened to your home language? Just saying in a spirit of Christmas! Merry Christmas to ya’ll!

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