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A Day of Reconciliation what does it really mean?

ReconciliationToday is a Day of Reconciliation for South Africa or maybe should I say for politicians? This day marks a significant past for Afrikaaners and Zulus. Afrikaaners defeated Zulu warriors led by Dingaan, a whooping 3000 Zulu warriors fell on this day. Therefore when Apartheid ended in ’94 this day was chosen as the day that marks the end of Apartheid era.

But what does this day really mean for many South Africans? Well let us look at what many people get up to on this day:

  • Beaches are packed and parks filled with holiday makers since it is a long weekend.
  • Be at home with family, braaing and picnic
  • And few attend political rallies/events

Clearly this day means different things to different people! But as we have witnessed uncomfortable and ugly scenes of racial hate, high rate of unemployment, corruption, political and economic instability; it does feel like we are more divided on several levels or spheres of our society ever before.

A Day of Reconciliation should be a day of healing!

As significant as this day may be on paper, very few people think about its true meaning. Finding something positive maybe very difficult at this moment in SA, however it depends on which angle you look at. Millions of South Africans have been robbed of their dignity to care for their families therefore they have very little to celebrate.

Government may celebrate this day but for many people there is nothing much to celebrate. Our racial barriers are not at the center of our divisions, inequality and social injustices are.

The nation is hurting and government is fighting itself! The Day of Reconciliation should be a day of healing. I have attached a video presentation of one of the programs I am involved in called 204060 Heal the Nation Tour. This national healing project aims at bringing members of society to a healing place. A place where each one of us can get rid of the poison inside of us in order to take positive steps to the desired direction where each one of us do not hurt because of our past anymore.

ReconciliationHurting people hurt other people, hence we have been hurting each other so much as a nation!

I would urge you to support such programs because they are key to our future as a nation. So far this is what the program has done and achieved:

  • Launched in April where a panel of progressive young people discussed our constitution and its impact.
  • 16 June visit to Petrusville i with some celebrities in an event organized by young people in Northern Cape.
  • Teamed up with another Youth Organization in Marikana to discuss the impact of Marikana Massacre on young people.
The Day of Reconciliation should be the day our hearts to reconcile

Let our hearts reconcile more than our minds! Our minds are easily corruptible, and our hearts are more sensitive to those who occupying space in them. Therefore I believe that opening our hearts to one another could be a sign of a healed nation. If our hearts find it hard to accommodate one another, then we should ask ourselves the question: have we healed from things that may have negatively affected change in our lives?

I think that when our hearts are healed then our fight and our course becomes a healthy fight and healthy course that doesn’t destroy in the name of building but tears down systems that kept us apart racially, economically and socially in building a breed of individuals with healed hearts and minds.

South Africa we need to heal from our past, therefore get behind the program presented in the video below. Thank you.

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Dumi Mbona

Dumi is a father, an entrepreneur and a professional events manager. He grew up in a gutter, severely abused as a child he learned life on the street and had a short stint in gangsterism. Dumi is highly knowledgeable about his passion which is music. His love for people and special interest in different cultures has driven him to the world of events. He believes that events connect people and cultures. Dumi is groomed as a leader, a political analyst and a keen marketing genius. His ability to be creative and innovative set him up to be one of the people the world needs to lookout for. From a young age he read lots of materials, from novels to poetry. He fell in love with writing and sharing information. Dumi is generally friendly and loves his community. He appreciates life through music. He loves God but don't believe in what the modern church stands for. He possess a strong community development and sport background. Dumi is a son of the soil, African soil that is. He welcomes you to help him reach heights that he always dream of. Thank you.

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