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Helen Zille defends the restaurant for racially classifying people when billing them

Helen ZilleGogo Helen Zille though, how stupid and low can you be? But I am glad she says such stupid things because it will prove that whether black or white; politicians can be very senseless. Actually she has a good competitive spirit, competing with our President on every level and she seems to be winning the race at every level. South African society still hurt from racial divides and the madam sees no issue in dividing us further! But personally I am not surprised I mean I have lost many friends over the issue of DA being a home for racists and only using a black face to get votes; I am not prepared to lose more friends over this; so I will just point you to Gogo Helen Zille for reference!

I guess Mmusi Maimane can never reprimand his madam boss now can he? If you do not know the story because you watch ENCA let me fill you in:

Racial Profiling at Bungalow Restaurant

A restaurant in Capetown The Bungalow bills their tables according to racial profiles. So let us say myself and my good friend James go to that restaurant for a meal, the bill will come back written @Table 3 1black and 1white!

Anyway that is no news; we all know who lives in Capetown!  And so Gogo Helen Zille the Premier of Western Cape decided to go on twitter and express her expert views on the issue. She says: “Why is it OK to racially classify ppl for jobs but not to identify ppl at a table by their race?”  Great question from Gogo Helen Zille except this question does not help us at all!

Are you kidding me Helen?

Helen ZilleThe madam would have been aware of the country’s past. Majority of black struggled to get employment and still do. Therefore the reason for filling out your race when applying for a job is to try and balance things out in work environment, well what am I talking about I am unemployed ha ha! Also helps with employment stats.

Now how is it of any significant in the restaurant? Do they want to know how many black people so they can prepare special menu for them and how many white people so they can create another menu for them too? Restaurants are places where we meet, chill and enjoy good food. We get to be brothers and sisters at the table. Restaurants have an ability to unite us since everyone is in good spirit. I often find myself sharing a smile with someone from the next table regardless of their race. Last time I found myself sharing such a kind conversation with another white brother sitting next to me. Now a bill is going to remind us how divided we are and Gogo Helen tunes thumbs up on that! Go figure.

Helen Zille must stop her nonsense

Anyway Gogo Helen Zille and her entourage of racist fools will not succeed in their strategy to divide and conquer. White Supremacists have no place in the beautiful land of both black and white South Africans! Helen Zille shows how dangerous and cunning she is! Not the first time she had done this. I feel  sorry for good people in DA, just like in the ANC these good people are being let down by dirty minds of politicians.

ANCYL is jumping on this one like a rat on cheese! I have never seen people so desperate for publicity ha ha. People are sweating with their big stomachs over Gogo Helen twitter! Clearly these guys do not have viable programs that can attract young people, they are busy politicking and losing many young people in the process!

As for Gogo Helen Zille she need to stop being a dirty old lady, the country do not need anymore racial divides. It’s Christmas for crying in a bucket….can we just get along!

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