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Donald Trump has women problems similar to President Zuma

Donald Trump should call President Zuma and ask him how to handle women problems. Trump has 12 women breathing down his neck due to his unzipped mouth. President Zuma can teach him a thing or two. Donald TrumpMarried to 7 women and having other relationships outside this 7 can cause any hard working President like ours to fall asleep at work.

However our President knows how to talk smooth when it comes to women. Sadly we will never know the full truth as to what happened with Khwezi. Apart from that, President Zuma seem to be taking care of business when it comes to his women.

Trump should be smart here and give JZ a call, I will leave their conversation to your imagination as a reader.

I am sure Donald Trump is pumping Chris Brown’s song “these girls ain’t loyal”. I mean 12 women this man has abused. If it was someone he would be in jail by now serving time. The self confessed women magnet bragged about grabbing women by their private parts. Claiming that because of his fame and fortune they find it hard to say no. Since the tapes 12 women have come forward to share how the Trump man sexually assaulted them.

Donald Trump

Here is the 12 women Donald Trump allegedly assaulted sexually
  1. The 74 year old Jessica Leeds says that back in 1980 Trump grabbed her breasts and tried put his hand up her skirt.
  2. His ex wife Ivana Trump said he violated her during sex. She said this during their dirvoce case in 1989.
  3. Early 1990s Kristin Anderson claims that Donald Trump touched her vigana while sitting at a table.
  4. In 1993 Jill Harth says that Trump cornered her in Ivanka Trump’s bedroom and had his hands all over her. He tried to pull her dress up and she physically pushed him away.
  5. Miss Teen USA Arizona Tasha Dixon says that Trump walked in at under age girl’s dressing room, some girls were topless and others naked and Trump said “don’t worry ladies, I have seen it all before”
  6. Miss USA contastant Temple Taggard Mcdowell says that Trump kissed her on the lips during their introduction at the at rehearsals.
  7. Karena Virginia says that Trump grabbed her breasts while saying to her “don’t you know who I am, don’t you know who I am”.
  8. Mindy McGillivray says that Donald Trump grabbed her ass
  9. Rachel Crooks claims that while working for an estate company at the Trump Towers Trumped kissed her on her chicks and mouth.
  10. People reporter Natasha Stoynoff says she developed a friendly relationship with Trump and his wife. While at Mar-A-Lago to report on Trump and his wife’s first anniversary Trump told her that he wanted to show her a tremendous room. When they go to the room Trump closed the door and pushed her against the wall while shoving his tongue down her throat.
  11. Former Miss Finnland Ninni Laaksonen says Trump squeezed her bum while waiting to get on set of a TV show in New York.
  12. Former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos says Donald Trump tried to have sex with her while on the job interview. Apparently Trump walked this job hopeful woman into his bedroom where he started pushing his penis against her.

These women have said that Donald Trump has made them feel like their are nothing. While President Zuma has just one case of allege rape he had his day in court. We may disagree with the ruling but at least he had his day in the court of Law. Not so for Donald Trump, instead his support increases every day despite the voices of the 12 women who have come out and share their stories about the man.

Talk about bizarre times in America. We are not far from similar situation. Which situation appears to be worse then the other? Hard to tell when moral standards have dropped so low in our leaders across the globe.

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