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George Michael dies at the age of 53

George-MichaelWhile you on holiday with your family and friends 2016 continues it assault on celebrities; with George Michael the latest victim. He died “peacefully” alone in his home. The Faith hit-maker’s course of death is unknown at the moment. He was found dead in the afternoon on Christmas day. The legendary singer has been out of the public eye for some time. Having been hospitalized previously for Pneumonia, George Michael’s health was the main reason behind him staying out of the public eye.

The former member of the ’80s UK band Wham has had an amazing solo career since breaking away from his band. His music style attracted fans from all corners of the world. Featuring great names such as Sir Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Queen, Mary J Blige and many other great names. His death comes as a great shock with man headlines stating that he died peacefully at his home. I am not sure what is peaceful in dying on the most celebrated day of the year even worse alone! But more on that a bit later….

George Michael’s drugs addiction a part of poor health choices

George-MichaelHis career has been marked by controversies from his drug addictions to his sexual orientation. He was a giant of a pop culture from the ’80s right through the ’90s; selling over 100 million records and topping world music charts with songs such as Faith and Careless whisper. However his lifestyle was the one that captured more headlines then his music from early 2000s up until his death in 2016.

Twice has he been involved in serious car accidents and found to have been under the influence of drugs. He was given a 5 year ban after being found in position of crack cocaine and cannabis.

And therefore with history of drug abuse insight, most celebrities with drug problem have died due to such problems. Even though at the moment all we know is that he died of heart-failure, I would say there is more to this story then being told at the moment.

Did he die of lonely heart?   

What concerns me about his passing is that he was alone. Not so long ago I wrote an article about the pain of Christmas. That as much as this is family and friends time but there are countless number of people who do not have such. And therefore Christmas days become the loneliness days for them.

After all the success and good things George Michael has done, all his achievements and people that surrounded him during his success how can he die a lonely death? How can he be found alone dead at his house? And what is peaceful about that?

George-MICHAEL-and-Andrew-RIDGELEY-of-WHAMAs much as his personal life was marked with controversy, there must have been people around him that would have cared enough about his well-being beyond his riches and success. Why succeed in life when one day you going to die? Die a lonely death at that!

Are celebrities the most lonely people on earth?  

If you live around Greenstone in Kempton Park you may have come across couple of celebrities; one celebrity I always bump into and have even shared a cup of coffee together with is Mvelase aka Khaphela former Generations actor. The man is always alone. This makes me wonder why. Even if you have people around you as a celebrity your life is never a peaceful one.

The people you may have attracted may not have any interest in you as a person; their interest may be in what you have and what you can do for them.

You have to spare a thought for celebrities people. Their success comes at a cost, hence great singers such as George Michael die lonely. Whitney Houston found in bath tub alone dead, you can name a whole lot of people who have entertained us found alone dead with no one to have cared for them and given them that fighting hope.

Personal experiences of lonliness

I have lived alone for as long as I can remember, only a few times I have lived with people around me. Loneliness is the most painful thing one can experience and often a course for many chronic illnesses. This was the case for me in my home town Durban. I lived in a nice protected property but alone and miserable. And the  saddest thing is that people who are not in that situation could not relate.

They would come for that moment and go back to their families and live me alone. And so when I decided to leave even my Pastor took an offense to that! Where I am now I get to share my life with other people, my friends and I planning a family of my own. And therefore we should consider the lonely around us and spare a thought for them during this period.

In conclusion 

I believe George Michael died of a lonely heart. How many people die inside while the still alive due to being lonely. They die a slow death.

George Michael created great music, lived his life according to his preferences and died a lonely death. His voice will be with us reminding us that we gotta have faith, but most of all we gotta take care of lonely people around us they too matter!

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