Today on the HOTTSPOT we take it back to the beach!!! Kyle Deutsch has not been in the South African music scene for long, but the impact that this young man is making is rather beyond comprehension. He has featured in Cassper’s single and he has two of his singles capturing both streams of SA music industry which is black and white audiences respectively. Kyle is not a celebrity at all, no matter the fame and hype around him. He will tell you that himself! The man is very humble, highly qualified as a Chiropractor, Kyle has the qualities of a future musical icon! No pressure Kyle.

This hard working musician is known for his abilities in a soccer field or at least that is how I remember the man. When he popped up on my TV Screen in SA Idols I was like “Kyle mmhh…interesting”, I knew he could play guitar but singing I thought not! However this young man kept defying all odds and proceeded to the top 5. Right about now every eyebrow raised and many believed that Kyle will be our Idol he did not make it to the next round. Instead of him giving up at a disappointment, here he was grabbing hold of his opportunity that he had to stand in the long queue for and wait his turn just like everyone else. While all of that was happening, Kyle popped up on my radio one morning on Metro FM featured in Cassper Nyovest’s single Alive…..this time I am like “Kyle is popping up everywhere”

When he featured in Dj Capital with Kwesta in a song “What you like” Kyle stamped his authority as the top and hottest male vocalist in the hiphop scene in SA at the moment.

images-3Kyle then teamed up with one of my favorite female vocalists in Shekinah, another SA Idols hopeful whom I thought could go on and win it. Kyle and Shekinah are currently enjoying the success of Kyle’s single “Back to the Beach”. The song is very short and on point. When it finishes, it leaves you at the point when you are still singing along, this is how a hit song done baby! The music video to this song is just on point as well.

Kyle Deutsch is destined for greater things in music and no one saw it coming! Possibly following the steps of Trevor Noah or Candice Pillay, I believe that what makes him more likable is how he handles himself, the man is not losing his eyeballs over fame. He is still the same Kyle from the block in Pinetown. With that attitude Kyle’s success will be filled with many blessings. The fact that he completed his education means that he has options in life; we all know the harsh conditions of the entertainment industry especially music. Today everybody loves you and tomorrow you are everyone’s enemy, the industry can easily spit you out just like the Pop Idols groups 101 and Jamali with many others suffering the same fate and allowed fame to cloud their thinking and forgot to plan their lives outside the entertainment industry.

If ever a youngster wants to break into the music industry and achieve great things, Kyle is the excellent example of how to do it and still keep your identity!!

If ever this makes any sense I would ask you to support this talent since the industry is in need of talent like Kyle. Many artists if not most of them lack talent and hide behind “sex sell” garbage. People like Kyle should be supported and promoted in order for this industry to enjoy pure talent without corrupted characters influencing our kids.

Go out there and buy his music online or in stores. Kyle Deutsch is a deserving artist to be on HOTTSPOT!!! Well done Kyle keep going bud and never ever stop…much love family.

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