Music that heals the land

Music speaks and restores a broken soul. African Child black or white, please open your heart to the sound and voices of musicians and their instruments. We may not agree in political ideas, but we are one human race. I am because you are. May we listen to one another’s pain. Both black and white bleed because of the system that favored one and rejected the other. May we reach a point where we stop exploiting one another. Could we sit and listen to music together.


Hatred, discrimination and racism should not and must not have a room in our hearts. Whether we agree politically or not. Can we face without fear or favor the injustices of the past which have allowed corruption and looting of the country’s resources from those in power. Not under our watch! Should we build, teach one another person by person and community by community. Is it possible to take interest to one another’s way of life? Should we take time to invite one another to our world without any prejudice. May we learn the culture of asking for forgiveness where we ┬áhave done wrong. And may we learn to forgive and side by side help one another step towards a positive and prosperous future.

Music transcends over any pain or hurt

Can we inspire one another to adopt a culture that is unique, a culture that honors another person regardless of the colour of their skin, nationality or gender. May we raise our children with clear conscious that we are not raising racists. Just this once may we take time and listen to songs that heal. Songs that carry unifying messages. Could we take a moment and share a smile and I mean a genuine smile with someone that we would not dare smile at previously.

Our children will never get lessons on how to genuinely treat people from school, they will always learn from adults. I personally apologize for influencing hate in some of my posts. We need new attitudes and fresh outlook in life and it’s start with me.

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