The new drama on Mzansi Magic Lockdown brings serious competition

South African drama Lockdown promises entertainment like never bee seen before on our screens. This all female cast shows a life behind bars for woman. The ruthless world of prison is played out on our screens every Monday on Mzansi Magic Channel 161 at 20:00pm. The heated drama is the first of its kind in South Africa where women dominate the story.

We are introduced to the lives of incarcerated woman and a harsh conditions in which they have to survive. From an old woman who has been in prison for decades to the new graduates this drama bring us realities which we have never been exposed to before. When we think prison we think men. But actually there are women too doing time.

Such concept a pure display of South African screen writers’ excellence. New and fresh minds ushers in exciting concepts such as Lockdown drama. Gentlemen such as Mfundi Vundla seem to have lost the plot with the dull story telling in Generations the Legacy. South Africans are treated to a world class stories with stories such as The Queen, Isibaya and now Lockdown.

Our talented actors have more avenues where the can display their skill thanks to the excellent screen writers.

The Lockdown will indeed raise the level of competition. What I like the most about this drama is that even though there are hardcore female prisoners; but they show us the desire to be responsible mothers by these prisoners.

It will be interesting to see what happens next with prison warden involved in a shady deal to keep of the inmate in jail by framing her with murder. This is the hottest drama in South Africa at the moment, Isibaya is the darling of the nation but Lockdown takes the center stage at the moment.

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