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Afrotainment or Westink, which bull should rule?


Can two bulls rule the KNZ music kraal? Afrotainment vs Westink

Tira’s Afrotainment has ruled the KZN music scene for a very long time; putting many KZN artists on the map and conquering the South African music industry. Afrotainment’s jersey number 10 was the kwaito group Big Nuz; supported by other players such as DJ Cindo, Naak Music and so on.

Tira did everything to build a home for KNZ artists; but also allegedly marginalized other artists who were not from Afrotainment. If you can recall the feud between him and Sosha; at the time it became clear that Tira is playing hard and rough for his team. Sosha accused Tira of allegedly paying radio stations not to play his then hit Mamasita. Gagasi Fm then morning show host Alex Mthiyane of Alex and the Crew called both men on air to talk this through. The conversation was heated with both men warning that if this issue carries on, consequences will be severed since they both come from e Kasi.

Whether rumors were true or not the word on the street from up and coming artists remained “Tira is blocking us from getting into the Industry”

Many who did not like the man have grown to love him for his visionary and hard work. Will he be capable to win the industry by hook or by crook? Well he is human after all why not? Do you remember the Big Nuz Summer song that got song of the year “mysteriously” when the hit song at the time was Way’jhukujha? You could say that Tira had a way of showing us and making us believe that this song is a hit and we fall in love with the song eventually. Love him or hate him the man is a genius.

Great leaders produce great leaders

But what happens when a genius produces a genius? When a Lion King has a son and the son grows and is ready to rule the jungle; what then? Can two bulls remain in the same kraal? Recently Mampintsha a member of Big Nuz started his own label Westink, a record label directly positioned opposite to Afrotainment. Yes there is Mabala Noise but their lane is more hiphop and besides L’vovo and DJ Bongs have always co-existed with Dj Tira and their friendship has stayed intact through it all. But Westink is born directly out of Afrotainment which spices up the whole drama.

This led to Big Nuz parting ways with Afrotainment; however Mampintsha feels that Tira is jealous of his new record label success (well there goes Tipcee and Babes Wodumo collaboration hoped for). One would think that Tira can emulate what Kalawa Jazzme did in their role when Afrotainment was established. In this case Tira could help mentor Mampintsha on expanding his new business; instead the beloved Durbanites choose to quarrel. If you not on Tira’s good books the industry may not accept you like we have seen with Dj Sox, Sosha etc. Sox had to come back and work things out with Tira in order for him to get back into the mix. How will Mampintsha survive? Better yet how powerful these two gentlemen can be if pride and egos could be eliminated and both of them complement each other.

Can one KZN Music Kraal accommodate both Afrotainment and Westink?

Yes the Zulu Kingdom can have two bulls in the same kraal ruling the Industry. Mampintsha is well known for his lyrical prowess and Tira is known for his incredible marketing and producing skills. Westink record label a new baby on the block and home of Gqomu; while Afrotainment the power house known for its Kwaito, House and Afro-pop. Surely the big three can co-exist in KZN, there is enough space for everyone. How about a holding company comprising of these record labels called The Big Three?

Come on boys, greed has always been the downfall of black people can we prove them wrong this time? No need for Mampintsha to be a threat to Tira and no need for Tira to go up against his protégé; we know what Makoya Bearings is all about, let us see how well Mampintsha has learned for lo Malume. There is a need for Gqomu, House and Kwaito to go global gentlemen, so how about it?


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