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Back to School racial violence at Overvaal High School


Racial violence breaks out at Overvaal High School

This comes after the court judgement on Overvaal’s capacity to admit 55 English speaking learners. The school Governing Board went to court to get a ruling not to admit the 55 English speaking learners because of two reasons;1) they have reached full capacity and 2) they do not want to accept English speaking learners because they are an Afrikaans school. The court judgment was in favor of the School Governing Board; which did not go down well with Parents of the 55 learners and those sympathizing with them.

Currently racial tensions could spark civil war at any moment in South Africa. It did not take too long to see Political parties and other organizations staging protests at the school gates in Overvaal; and so this led to a stand-off between the ANC, EFF and Afri-from (Afrikaans Civil Organization). ANC and EFF often grave rivals; this time united to protest on school gates with Afriforum members positioned to protect the school.

With heavy police presence Protestors started burning tires; one Afriforum member raised a middle finger to protestors something that sparked an altercation. That led to police firing rubber bullets at the of ANC and EFF protestors. Two people critically wounded in the process.

Racial tensions a stumbling block for South African Society












A week ago the H&M saga racially divided the country now this court ruling has further divided the community in Overvaal. Some Afrikaaners called for arms to protect their own on social media in a twitter message to a controversial Afrikaans musician Steve Hofmeyer.

The race issue is a ticking time bomb in South Africa; political leaders have done very little to solve racial tensions; instead they have exploited it to gain political numbers for their respective parties. The unfortunate thing is that innocent kids like school learners have to witness such racial influenced violence amongst adults. It is safe to say that this poison will consume the nation of South Africa from past, present and future generations; unless heavens send another leader like or better than Dr. Nelson Mandela to lead this diverse nation to a united future.

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