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Capetwon the first city in the world to run out of water


They call it Capetown the city fast approaching #DayZero

Known as another country within South Africa; Capetown becomes the first city in the world to run out of water completely. Officials say that if behavior doesn’t change by the 22nd of April Capetown will be completely dry. Currently water restrictions are sitting at 87 liters a day for each household; but only 30% families sticking to the limits. If nothing changes after the 22nd of April Capetonians will be limited to 25 liters per household. Dams are reported to be well below 20% levels.

A city expected to be well run, drought is not their only problem; City Mayor Patricia Delille faces disciplinary actions from his own party the DA.

Such Party internal squabbles could not have come at the worst period when the city faces a catastrophic future. You would never expect the Western Cape government to have answers similar to the National government during crisis. The “we’re making a plan” answer is the one South Africans know better since the dawn of Democracy. Normally it makes you wonder what happened to planning in advance for such crisis. When the country faced blackouts 5 years ago the ANC government came under huge criticism over lack of proactivity which would have helped avoid power crisis.

Now Capetown becomes the first city in the world to completely run out of water. Why should Capetown run out of water when Cities in the desert countries thrive under conditions where rain is minimum? Since 2013 dam levels have been dropping; surely officials would have put plans in place to encounter the worst case scenario. A team of experts should have been sent to dessert cities to learn how they survive, come back here and make recommendations.

Businesses will eventually be forced to shut down

Capetown enjoys over 2 million visitors to the city per year; people own massive properties with features such as swimming pools and other nice to have features. And so water demand is very high; surely officials know that and would‘ve been better prepared than just to say “we are making plans to get water from somewhere else”. By now the language should be “we have a plan in place”.

Like KZN and Joburg, Capetown needs to fill up a stadium with citizens praying for rain or else the next few months could be catastrophic with businesses shutting down especially hotels and lodges.

Save the little water that you have:

  1. Swimming pool is not your priority neither is your garden right now so stop wasting water in those areas
  2. Your fancy bath tub must fall, those beautiful bath chemicals must take a step back for now; just use soap like everyone else. Own a facecloth and use it to shower: Wet you facecloth; put your bath soap on a wet facecloth; then scrub your face and body; wet your facecloth again and finish scrubbing you entire body; now open your shower to remove foam from your body; that should take you less than a minute or slightly above a minute and you are clean.
  3. Take the same water you showered with and water your lovely garden.
  4. If you can do what is done in the Townships: buy yourself a basin and use just 3 liters of your water for your bath.

Hope Capetown experiences rain soon, and that officials find a solution as quickly as possible.

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