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Oops wrong button the Hawaii threat


Imagine if the Hawaii worker pressed a Nuclear button (Clap Once)

Just imagine you are on holiday in one of the most exotic Islands in Hawaii and all of a sudden you receive a message on your phone telling you to find shelter because a nuke is heading your way what would you do? You don’t know how far it maybe, the amount of its destruction and the place where it’s going to land. You just hoping it will not be you or your family on the end of that missile.

This is the panic people of Hawaii suffered during a false missile threat couple of days ago. The terror that fell in people’s hearts and their families would be something very hard to laugh at. Though laughing may help ease the tension and the near death experience for the Hawaiians. But this experience also tells a lot about life in the US at the moment. Living in constant fear and threat coming North Korea is not fun.

That relief when realizing it was a false alarm a much welcomed one but imagine living in regions where US soldiers are dropping bombs every single day? It must be horrific! Hopefully this experience gave the Hawaiians that little unpleasant taste of what it’s like to live under fear of a bomb dropping on you. War is never to be glorified which is why leaders have to try and avoid it by any means. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un will never be touched not even by a single bullet if war breaks out; but ordinary citizens and little children will; just like it’s happening in the Middle East.

Who’s Life is on the line in a war situation?

When you’re told to find shelter the missile is heading for you, is the same as being told good luck on surviving this one, you on your own! But then again heads of states promote their egos and raise their profiles at the expense of the ordinary citizens. Trump and Kim would have long met and discussed the conflict between them instead of threatening each other with war that will see the blood of ordinary citizens spilled. The question is how free is America? And does the world really deserve war hungry leaders such as these two men? Didn’t WW1 and 2 teach us something about war?

Can the world for a moment stop and look at children freely playing in secure environment without anything threatening them; see the smile of hope on their face. Why would anyone want to take that away from them? They have nothing to do with anything yet they take bullets and missiles which they know nothing about just because arrogant leaders cannot resolve their differences.

Hawaiian families had to run for their lives for what? What did they do wrong? Same questions for the Middle-East families. The feeling of not being able to protect your family must have been awful for parents. Thankfully the Hawaii experience just a false alarm, but let it be a lesson for them that in other communities such alarms end in blood bath and many innocent lives lost for ideologies that they had nothing to do with.


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