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Patricia De Lille left in the dry and deserted by DA

Patricia De Lille

Patricia De Lille could be a lesson for all window dressing black leaders in the DA

The marriage between Patricia De Lille and DA seem to be on shaky grounds as her comrades deserts her. DA for many years has tried to sugarcoat themselves from being perceived as a white party into a party for “everyone”. The way they have gone about it has had many discomforting loopholes up to now.

DA swallowed the Independent Democratic party founded by Patricia De Lille after her breakaway from ANC. ID became a political home for Coloured People in the Western Cape and around the country. DA got stronger in the Province and other parts of South Africa after swallowing the ID and had a leader like Patricia De Lille in their ranks. She assisted DA in wrestling Capetown out of the hands of the corrupt ANC and she became Mayor of the City.

The current nasty fight between her and DA comes as no surprise to many and it comes as a sweet Karma to others

Patricia De Lille DA accused of window dressing themselves with black leaders such as De Lille, Mmusi Maimane and previously Lindiwe Mazibuko has left bitter and sweeter taste to an ANC weary South African Public. They have shown a picture of what everyone is dreaming of; where both black and white can work together towards a common goal. However they also shown strong signs that DA’s DNA is made up of white supremacists who cares only about the interest of the minority white people in South Africa. Their desperation to show a black face while decision makers are whites has been slammed as nothing but window dressing. They have been accused that they only care about getting a black vote not about black voters.

Desperation to have a black face in the public

Patricia De Lille There has been many desperate attempts by the DA to attract strong black leaders such as the founder of Agang SA Mammpele Rampele; who left her party and joined DA in the morning; shared a kiss with DA leader Helen Zille and resigned in the afternoon.

The young promising leader Lindiwe Mazibuko suffered character assassination when she resigned from DA. Helen Zille attacked her character in the public, saying that if it was not for her (Helen Zille) Mazibuko would be nothing. After that drama they searched for a drama free and very obedient black boy in Mmusi Maimane to lead the party. This has yielded fruits for the party as their have enjoyed growth in many municipalities and are governing most major Metros but…..who is DA?

In these major Metros which they govern they have strategically placed black leaders as Mayors like they did in Capetown with De Lille. Like Lindiwe Mazibuko Patricia De Lille’s character is under attack; after being accused of corruption among many charges against her. She is also crowned with the CPT water crisis as her legacy.

This situation could be the beginning of the end for the DA as an official opposition party here is why:

Patricia De Lille

  1. DA has a trend which has stayed consistent when it comes to black leaders; and that trend is “character assassination as a thank you gift”.
  2. The question is how many black leaders facing the same fate within the party?
  3. The word on the street is that DA is two: Mmusi Maimane’s DA and Helen Zille’s DA; it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing these two organizations emerge into the public. Right now Zille’s DA is calling all the shots for how long? Well not for too long since cracks are there for everyone to see with the De Lille saga.

So it remains to be seen what would be the outcome of the case between “People’s Mayor” vs the DA…watch the space. It seems also like ANC in ICU, DA just been admitted to the critically injured ward! What does it mean for the EFF?

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