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Shithole countries beg the Boss Trump

Why do we want people from these shithole countries?

Countries qualifying to be shithole act like cry babies before the big bully Donald Trump. Now if you are a President of the powerhouse country like the US you can do as you like because you are untouchable. Countries called shithole they are voiceless, defenseless and they can only beg for Trump’s mercy. They have no muscles to flex hence Trump picks on them.

Other countries appear happy just to be on the news, such as the inequality that exists in the world. Now there is an outcry that Trump is racist; well there was a cry before that he is a rapist but the man is simply untouchable, he still went on to become President. He can shit on whoever he wants except North Korea! Maybe the much demonized North Korean President has a point in sharpening their Nuclear abilities. When countries such as the US select people like Donald Trump, you have to sit and think maybe countries should pursue their own power status somehow so that no-one can have freedom to call them shithole.

The response from these countries including South Africa is rather tame and sad. Reasons being the economic power of the US. Look at how Trump put his tale in between his legs when it comes to Russia, the man knows who to respect and who to insult.

Now to ask him if he is racist what do you expect the answer to be? “Mr. Trump are you a racist?” what kind of a dumb question is that? Trump or anyone in that matter will never publicly admits something willingly; but their actions, tone of speech and other signals sent out will always reveal who the person is.

Shithole countries stop your shitty response and grow balls

Countries called shitsholes should smell themselves a bit; grow a pair and stand up to the bully. Trump has been a disaster when it comes to International relations so far. The man is a disaster in his own country how then are we expecting anything different from him? These countries called names can do something in response to Trump than just being crybabies and seeking useless clarifications.

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