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President Zuma on the ropes in ANC

The South African President Jacob Zuma on the ropes against ANC NEC

President Jacob ZumaWhile the country celebrated the rise into power of the newly elected ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa; President Zuma and his fraction accepted the loss and now facing a new challenge on their doorstep. For a while now various groups from political to civil society has been trying to get President Zuma to step down with no success. From courts to Parliament to Public Protests the “Zuma Must go” brigade echoed louder.

Having survived all of that, President Zuma has to face up to the new challenge from within his Party the ANC. There are reports on the NEC of the ANC’s bid to encourage President Zuma to step down. Of-course this will never be a walk in the park since NEC itself has lots of Zuma fraction members.

Unity will protect President Zuma

The current ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa campaigned on unity and post elections he seem to be sticking to just that. His dislike of President Zuma a well documented matter; however his commitment to unity will mean that President Zuma finishes his term in office.

According to the weekend reports  Zuma wants his ex-wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to step in as the interim President of the country should he step down. The renown chess player bargaining for his legacy or simply playing the smartest move after-all. Either way this reveals the moves of a man who finds himself on the ropes against his comrades. The next few months will be interesting for South Africa and President Zuma; the man who has survived several attempts to get rid of him even being poisoned by one of his wives may just laugh all his way to the end of his term.

According to News24 the Presidency has denied any talks about the President stepping down; but confirms meetings between Zuma and Ramaphosa discussing how the two office could work together to bring synergy between Luthuli House and Union Building.

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