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Noma conquers at South African Idols

NomaSouth African Idols continued with their unpredictability when Noma became the first female winner of the popular competition. Her triumph carries with it a story of hope and inspiration. Encouraged by learners she taught as a teacher, Noma embarked on the journey to become the South African Idol.

Season 12 of the idols displayed South Africa’s incredible talent in music; which gave judges and voters headaches as to who to chose.

After the elimination round that saw female contested eliminated week after week, no one imagined Noma winning. Boys seem to have had this competition in the bag, when Noma became the only girl left in the competition.

Fan favorite Thami put in a good shift to capture everyone’s imagination. His good looks  and style accompanied by an incredible voice, he appeared to be the obvious winner on everyone watching; especially after Tebogo’s surprise exit a week ago. In Randall’s words “this year you get Brexit, Donald Trump and Noma”. Indeed Noma stood her ground and sang her heart out despite heavy competition from Thami.

Noma delivers justice for women at SA Idols

When Unathi said to Noma “I hope you go to the finale and disturb the boys party” It was clear that this competition has been nothing but pain for women. Unathi has been a judge for 3 seasons and has never had an opportunity to crown a female winner.

In her plea to female voters to consider one of their own; Unathi seemed emotional and angered by the masculinity of the show. Out of 4 judges she is the only female judge and out of 11 seasons of the competition only 4 girls have won it. Therefore South African women urged by Unathi to consider one of their own when they vote; whether that worked or not we will never know, but one thing remains: Noma stands triumphant.

Thami having led with votes until the finale, one cannot shake the feeling that……

Take nothing away from Noma, she deserves this moment. However Thami had been a leading contested from the top 10 to the top3; Noma coming in at the bottom for several weeks in a row leading up to her crown moments.

The super woman jump into top 2 and finally winning the competition leaves a “but” feeling from those who supported Thami. It became clear that Thami had more fans which helped him lead the race until the finale.

NomaThe competition has history of scandals that went unnoticed in the past due to the show’s exclusivity to those without DSTV. Apart from controversial racial change/transformation of the competition; there is a Sasha-Lee Davids disastrous scandal in 2009.

On the official finale Sasha Lee Davids announced the winner; four days later, Idols announced that there had been problems with the voteline; and some of the votes sent before the cut-off time were not counted. Later in the day Idols announced on www.mnet.co.za/idols/ that recount had showed Jason Hartman had received 200000 more votes than Sasha Lee Davids. After discussion between M-Net and FremantleMedia (the format owners), Jason Hartman and Sasha Lee Davids were declared winners. They both received identical full prizes.[2] first time a win shared on an Idol show. Neither Hartman nor Davids ever appeared in the bottom 3 or 2 prior to the final.

NomaApart from the “but”… Noma Khumalo well done, enjoy the journey and enjoy the crown.

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