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Political parties ANC, EFF and DA failed to appeal to 10 million people in South Africa who chose not to vote during local government elections. This number makes 28% of eligible voters who stayed at home and only 27 million voted. IEC celebrated successful elections and that there were free and fair. We have forgotten and thrown this 28% into a recycle bin of our minds! The ignorance has driven us to sneer and gnash our teeth to these people! Maybe just maybe they have a point here.

The ruling party ANC has claimed this 28% as their electorates who are not happy with the ruling party and therefore cannot trade their valuable position to any other political party; if that is the case then they should have a clean sweet in the following elections. But maybe that is not the case. This should be a serious call for concern that 28% of eligible voters see no value to exercise their right to vote. Do political parties care to pursuit this 28%?

ANC government served people half-hearted

Our people have heard political promises entrusted to incapable hands of men and women, execution has left a bitter pill to swallow. Service delivered with conditions that communities should vote for that particular party.

Recently we have had load-shedding, water shedding in contrary to the promises made to our people. Load shedding was not a population dilemma but rather a lack of a foresighted leadership. How much of a voice did the 34 workers killed in Marikana have? They asked for a “better life” by asking for a better pay. E-tolls shoved down our throats, and our people chocked as food prices increased drastically, driving many families into instant poverty?

Young people continue to stay at home educated or not, and all we hear from politicians is just long boring speeches with no substance. Maybe I am harsh towards the government. But the truth is, it is you who hired incapable individuals to mess up your brand which is the “South African Government”. Indeed it is not the ruling party’s responsibility alone but as a public we should shoulder the responsibility.

Suburban areas and Cities have always enjoyed development since the days of Apartheid. In major townships people still live under Apartheid built structures. But I am not the one to sit here and point out all the shortcomings of our government. The media together with the opposing political parties are doing that enough already!

ANC, EFF and DA 2016 local government elections


Weaknesses of the ruling party helped built opposition parties’ manifestos. Ruling party’s arrogance and tired leadership lacking imagination and vibrancy to pursuit the “Better Life for all”. ANC room needs to be swept clean. Though the ruling party has extremely done well in changing the lives and landscapes of our nation. They need to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of our people. I may sound like I am contradicting myself but here is a thing: South Africa has captured the eye and imagination of the global community.

Our Democracy and Constitution has ensured the quality of life that we all enjoy today, well to some certain extent. In the dawn of the ruling party losing grip to key Metros during local government elections, everyone has applauded the opposition party (DA) for defeating the ANC in these Metros. In words of Trevor Noah I would say “Too soon”. Metros were not won by the DA but were given to them. Likewise the ruling party did not lose or win anything; people punished and gave them a responsibility. If the saying is right that “the older you grow the more stubborn you become” then the ruling party should be wary of its aging leadership.

What to choose between the Puppet, Hooligan or Thief


So the question would be who is the better devil between the Puppet, the Hooligan and a Thief? Seemingly political parties gave the public to choose the evil they prefer! If you are Christian you would know that there is no better evil, evil is evil period! The lack of honest and conscious leadership drives our people deeper into calamity. There is not a single political party that provides conscious leadership to the public.

Leading up to elections we witnessed unfortunate political killings in KZN, as a nation we have lived comfortably with these incidents, forgetting to reflect on them and once again we need to ask ourselves this question “Why are there killings of such nature?” If all, we should be struggling to find candidates that can serve our communities due to the sensitivity and vulnerability of our people! It must not be the survival of the fittest or in this case who has better hitmen.

What are we doing wrong to allow loss of lives for a position that supposed to be for civil servants? When thugs and killers reign and rule over our communities. Are we comfortable with the fact that the lesson we are teaching young people is that: to be a leader you need to be murderer? Our people asked to stand in long queues and vote.  What is even more scary is that our leaders embrace these people while they have costed other family a mother, a father, a son or a daughter, we call them Comrades and we revere them how can that be?

Councilors should volunteer

Should we make the position of a councilor a volunteer based? I think that is a perfect plan. Not only will you get conscious leaders but you will get people that have hearts to see communities well developed instead of endless roadworks just to cover up the councilor’s ass. Should we set accountability offices next to Councilor’s offices so that community members do not have to go through the discouraging trouble to lodge a complaint? I do not even know where public protector offices are situated in Pinetown alone!

In contrary to popular belief South Africa is one of the richest countries in the world! Africa is the richest continent in the world. We have always made noise about poor leadership but every 5 years we select one, why that is? I believe it is because we select one of the evils! When that evil develops and grows stronger we act as though we are surprised.

Organization is more important than an individual

If you have voted for a ruling party in the last 7/8 years, I do not blame you. You were not given much of a choice now were you? You voted for the organization. The organization decided to present the nation with a man whose character was highly questionable. Have we no standards as a nation? Does the ruling party have none negotiables or we allow a few misconducts to slide? Our people are coming out of the woods of the rural and uncivilized lands into cities where they get access to information that liberates their minds into independent thinking and reasoning. This was the biggest fear by the Apartheird government when they killed Steve Biko.

Leaders lack consciousness

All the political parties show lack of consciousness and sympathy towards the pain and inequality our people still live under. Black Pain versus White Privilege is still a snare to our 22 year Democracy. The cancer of corruption has been eating the ruling party cell by cell, organ by organ. The trust of our people betrayed over and over again. Our leaders have kept their eyes glued on a big piece of cake. Embarrassing one another and disrespecting each other to the point where they stoop low just to discredit one another to get their hands on that piece of cake.

Our people used as pawns in a chess game between political parties. Our politicians have become nothing less than comedians. The biggest office which is Parliament has been a playground for hooligans, thieves and puppets, a sad sight for a voter watching such behavior. During campaigns they come out and remember the addresses to the voters’ homes, after elections it is as if these addresses did not even exist. The media is run by people lacking spinal cords. The media is bending over and select the information to feed to the public based on a particular propaganda. And so the evil keeps it grips.

African Child is angry

Few days ago a 12 year old girl was beaten unconscious by a group of six kids between the ages of 9&12 in Ixopo area. In townships and rural areas kids go to school under fear that woonga boys may rob them of their belongings. I spoke to a parent in tears because her son was a subject of a hooligan picking on him and threatening to stab him. It is now a fashion in schools to have sex videos involving learners to go viral on the internet. Young girls continue to fall prey to older men and we call these men “Amabhlesa/Blessers”.  We are a country of useless campaigns! Such degrading incidents hardly take place in white schools! Kids go to schools where there is no safety, emergency facilities or quality learning.

We live with uncomfortable comforts

We have lived with that uncomfortable comfort because we are presented with evils to choose and we choose the better evil. Our people die unnecessary deaths because industries such as pharmacists, funeral insurances, and medical insurances are thriving and contribute huge taxes to the state. Therefore why end HIV/Aids? Why encourage and improve quality of life? Have you ever asked yourself what are the reasons the government fail to set-up emergency medical services in every community? I am not talking about overcrowded clinics and hospitals which should be a course for concerns that our clinics and hospitals are overflowing! How can you smile and laugh when you lead a country populated with sick people. To whose benefit is that?

No one of the political parties ever said that they have planned to deal with grassroots problems which are a reality to our people; you may understand why the 28% did not bother to vote. The big piece of cake blinds our leaders and corrupt good people. Some political parties have made noise about land that should go back to our people! This reminds me of the ruling party’s RDP housing promises in 1994.

Both are very good policies but let us consider the following:
  1. Are people empowered and skilled enough to maintain and develop that land to continue producing crops, depending on your reasons why you are fighting for land to be given back to people? I have not heard anywhere political goal validated. Is it 1) for production or 2) residential? If the answer is production then there must be programs to train and equip our people to be self-sufficient and self-sustained or else we are setting them up for failure. If it is for residency then there is no difference to the RDP housing program. In fact the ruling party would claim that they have done extremely well in this regard.
  2. RDP housing now known as Human Settlement, has delivered millions of houses to our people! The opposition party has promised to build even more houses for our people! Then what is change? I appreciate the dignity given to most of our people through this project.
Few pointers to ponder upon:
  • This project has been the biggest breeding ground for corruption; this is where tenders have enjoyed high volume of discrepancies. The ruling party’s “sweep under carpet” strategy has become the Achilles’ heel to their 2016 local government elections outcome. Lack of honesty and transparency has left the public feeling insecure about securing their future in voting for the ruling party. The general negative public surge towards the ruling party may require more than just a promise to listen to people; it may force the recalling of the President, who is viewed as a liability to the ruling party and the nation.
  • This project like many other government’s projects has crippled our people from independency to stand on their own two feet. These projects have created a culture of dependency which has worked for some time, but once your promises do not reach the promised, people become hostile towards you. A child can have the best treats today and when they do not get what they want tomorrow, you become the worst parent in their minds. The ruling party created dependency strategy without a plan to deal with what ifs. It was wrong in the first place to have our people spoon fed. The projects suggest that our people are incapable of thinking and doing it themselves.
Who to choose between these evils?


When you vote you are asking someone to think and act on your behalf. Here is a question: the organization entrusted with your mandate, has it carried out that mandate to your level of satisfaction? We are missing leaders with conscious. We get told to choose lesser evils. But evil is evil. We are seeing the rise in Independent Candidates during elections. These candidates are people’s choice and a sign that people feel let down! Yet our leaders would rather dance and entertain instead of listening and leading the people.

Wearing an overall and apron does not make you any better, you are mimicking people that after wearing those aprons and overalls go home using taxis, get home and wonder what are they going to cook for their kids. Your overalls and aprons are for the show, and your theatrical actions in Parliament confirm how serious you take the pain of these men and women in overalls and aprons. Do you travel on a taxi after your show in Parliament? Do you get and wonder what to cook? Your lack of respect to the elders is displaying a culture that is foreign to what an African Child should be.

Nevertheless if the hearts and minds of these overalls and aprons brigades were filled with true conscious of what our people go through every day, this country and its people would have been blessed with a hopeful political future. As we all know that this political drive driven by vengeance has chosen to take sides with former oppressors. The EFF’s identity has been tarnished by choosing to vote DA, a party founded by people who were responsible for killings under Apartheid. A party that continues to insult the intelligence of majority of South Africans.

In conclusion

So which evil is better? The Orio Party? Be mindful of wolves in sheepskin. A party consists of hardcore racists who were active in the old national Party Government. I leave this to the history to judge them when a Mamelodi boy Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu said “My blood will nourish the tree that will bear fruits of freedom. Tell my people I love them they must continue the fight”.

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