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The Save South Africa group is a continuation of misplaced political agenda which seek to ignore real issues of South Africans.

Save South Africa

Very true that President Jacob Zuma has lost confidence of many people in the country that cannot be ignored. But there are political games and propaganda that are being advanced on us daily such as Save South Africa; opposition parties will do anything and everything in their powers to destabilize government. Politics are a dirty game that honest men and women would find very hard to play. It is all about finding weaknesses of your opposition and work on those weaknesses. This game is about power.

The interesting thing about South African politics is that we seem to enjoy dirt. Not once do you ever hear anything on what the government has achieved; but dirt in the government makes the healdines as in yesterday. News reporting does not help a single bit; ENCA and ANN7 clearly pushing political agendas, ENCA clearly pushing DA agenda while ANN7 clearly pushing government agenda. SABC surprisingly appears to be neutral and reporting honest news. Therefore ENCA exists to dig all the government dirt, ignoring all the good government has done; pushing the DA agenda without fear; while ANN7 defends government and discrediting sources exposing any dirt in the government. With such drama repoting on these two broadcasters SABC becomes a boring channel.

News packaged to advance politics by the media

Therefore these stories are packaged for us to advance a particular political agenda, as a public we don’t get honest information, those who have found time to go through the State Capture report and also analyze South African politics might have different views altogether on burning issues in the country. The burning issue on everyone’s lips is that President Zuma should step down. I personally think he should but not because of the news and political influences but because of my own personal views expressed on my previous posts.

The moment you raise one issue as more important over another and according to political influences then you cannot be trusted. That is what Save South Africa appears to be; just another bunch of wannabes playing a dirty game of politics. You cannot pick one issue and put all your energy and investment behind it and even worse if that issue seem politically driven. Save South Africa is nothing but a political arm of the opposition parties disguised in many faces. They claim to represent all South Africans, what a shallow statement to be made by people thought to be scholars and expects. You cannot save South Africa from President Zuma while you are doing exactly what the very same person does!

Save South Africa group is nothing but an extended political arm of the opposition parties

Save South AfricaWhen you say you represent all South Africans, then you have just lied!I would challenge these people to:

  • Prove that they are better than President Zuma by:
  • Showing us how much they pay/treat their employees; let us hear from their stuff how good an employer they are?
  • Business conducts and ethics: prove to us that they have never been corrupt in their business dealings and that they have never tried to avoid taxes.
  • Show us the role they play in solving unemployment, fight against white supremacy and changing lives of black people.
Since they saving us from President Zuma; these questions remain:
  • What do they understand about black pain and white privilege and what would be their views on that?
  • The Mpumalanga municipality owed R64, 000,000 by Johan Rupert’s Leopard Creek will they save this municipality from Johan Rupert?
  • Commander in Chief of the EFF keeps talking recklessly about land grabs and keeps encouraging violence against white people can you save South Africa from the threat of civil war?
  • The DA keeps fooling black South Africans by window dressing and using black faces to advance their political agendas; can you save black people from such dishonest?
  • A well-documented issue that apartheid government looted the state in the famous Grand Corruption, now reportedly R26 billion can still be attained, Sanlam and Absa are said to be owing South Africa R3 billion each, is that of any interest to them or they are obsessed with President Jacob Zuma?
  • Many black people’s land was stolen by previous white government now can they save landless people from being without land?
Yet another wasted resources and skills fighting one man when South Africa has so much to deal with

I am impressed with how organized and well-funded Save South Africa appears to be; I mean they have offices and telephone lines and everything already, go figure. My question would be: with such organization and funding shouldn’t those resources including the skill of men and women in your ranks be used to advance lives of millions of people including funding or investing in small businesses that can employ more people?

Seems to me like this group maybe driven by emotions and hatred for one individual. This has blinded them from seeing the real problem here which is themselves.

  • There are millions of men and women that have the ability to be the difference in many people’s livelihood but choose not to, when the opportunity of fame and popularity arise these people become the loudest voices in the room.
  • This group has men and women of questionable characters just like the man they claim to save us from.
  • This is a no solution group but a bunch of crybabies just like their peers in Parliament, this “Zuma must step down” statement is just stupid to its core. If Zuma steps down who do you want to step up? Grown men and women who are expects in their fields have no shame in such shallow statements and actions. Therefore if you cannot tell us who you want to step up you have no right to tell us who to step down!
In conclusion

Saving SA from President Zuma is just another political public stunt by people failing to take responsibility on real issues facing South Africa; therefore they pick on the easy target to shoot at. These men and women need to Save SA from themselves because they are no different to whom they claim to save us from. When Jesus came to save the world from sin he had no sin whatsoever because sin cannot save sin. These individuals cannot claim to save anything if they themselves have no clear conscious from the very same corruption, racism, state looting, and political agendas/ambitions until they can prove that they are better/different than the person they claim to save SA from.

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