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“Jenny from from the block” coming to our block

Jennifer LopezIn some breaking news: multi-award winner and the ever sexy Jennifer Lopez will be performing in South Africa. The 47 year old hot mama and American Idols judge will be electrifying the stage at an event that seek to celebrate South Africans.

The Shades of Blue star said she is looking forward to sharing her music journey with her fans in South Africa.

J-LO is one of the artists that has topped the charts locally and internationally. Her stint at Badboy records helped introduce her music worldwide especially here in South Africa.

Some facts about Jennifer Lopez
  1. Jennifer Lopez used to be a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson.
  2. She dated Puff Daddy early 2000s. Married 3 times.
  3. She has dated two of her back-up singers in a long list of men she has dated.
  4. Her and actor Ben Affleck were the first couple to have joint names, they were called “Bennifer” this led to a trend of couples’ joint names.

Jennifer Lopez will be performing for the first time on South African stage at the South African of the year Awards. Making SA an on demand destination by international superstars. She will perform along the likes of Robin Thick, Mafikizolo and many other local artists.

Queen B hosting this event. The South African star presenter is a big name in the local entertainment. Bonang Matheba is pure class. She will be hosting her second biggest gig in just a month after hosting the MTV African Music Awards. Looking forward to this prestigious event brought to you by the ANN7. You can see the nominees at www.saty.co.za and for more info on this event please visit www.ann7.com. Looking forward to seeing J-lo bringing her sexy performances here in Mzansi. See you at the awards people.

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Dumi Mbona

Dumi is a father, an entrepreneur and a professional events manager. He grew up in a gutter, severely abused as a child he learned life on the street and had a short stint in gangsterism. Dumi is highly knowledgeable about his passion which is music. His love for people and special interest in different cultures has driven him to the world of events. He believes that events connect people and cultures. Dumi is groomed as a leader, a political analyst and a keen marketing genius. His ability to be creative and innovative set him up to be one of the people the world needs to lookout for. From a young age he read lots of materials, from novels to poetry. He fell in love with writing and sharing information. Dumi is generally friendly and loves his community. He appreciates life through music. He loves God but don't believe in what the modern church stands for. He possess a strong community development and sport background. Dumi is a son of the soil, African soil that is. He welcomes you to help him reach heights that he always dream of. Thank you.

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