Shaun Abrahams facing the Justice and Correctional Services in Parly

Shaun Abrahams the National Prosecuting Authority Director faced a fiery session in Parliament earlier today. During this briefing Shaun Abrahams maneuvered his way around political driven questionnaire. At the briefing it became clear that the committee alone seem divided according to political parties represented.

So listening to the back and forth question and answer session. It became clear that opposition parties have not wavered in their quest to oust President Zuma.

This session also exposed Glynnis Bleytenbach of the DA that her interest in seeing Shaun Abrahams leave the office was due the fact that she was also under investigation! The briefing also introduced us to an amazing woman within the ruling party Mama Madipoane Mothapo.

Mrs. Madipoane Mothapo pleads for ordinary South Africans

She reminded me of the importance of mothers in our society. She says for how long are we going to burn the State money which should be serving the interest of ordinary South Africans? Here we are fighting among each other when we should be serving the public. Our people suffer due to our drugs populated streets. But here we are busy fighting with one another when we should be out there serving the people.

I mean she went on for several minutes speaking for an ordinary South African. The DA tried to bring her back into political BS but she refused. This woman did not speak for the ANC, but she spoke for common men and women excluded in processes of the country. She did not speak politicians language but she spoke a language that included every ordinary man and woman.

Not only did she make her speech because her role in Parliament, but her words sprung from a heart of a mother. Those words came from a mother who has seen enough suffering for children. When a DA member corrected her and how she vehemently refused the correction, it became clear that that voice has been refused a public ear for far too long.

I know that many news platforms will never highlight her speech. But as per my previous comments that the ruling party enjoys depth in their leadership talent. Mama Mothapo proved me right. There is no doubting the crisis within the ruling party same as there is no doubting the depth of talented leaders yet to be exposed.

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