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Trumphobia all over the world

TrumphobiaTrumphobia sweeps across the USA and all over the world. Donald Trump winning the US elections sparked fears across the globe. This Trumphobia found its way to South Africa, where supporters of racism cheers Donald Trump’s victory. It’s true that no one saw this coming especially after revelations of Trump’s demeaning talk about women.

But I think before we join the rest of the world in condemning him and before adopting Trumphobia as part of our lives; we should define the fear that everyone has about him. Ask ourselves this question: Is it that bad or we breathing life into dead fear?

Let’s look at Trumphobia attributes:


  • Foreign policies: in his campaign Trump spoke strongly against Chinese companies in the US. He accused these companies of milking the country of its resources and taking it back to China. He’s famous for saying that he will build a wall to keep Mexicans out of the country. And his stance on Muslims. These viewed as foreign relations disasters.
  • Racism: Trump made his feelings known about Mexicans, African Americans and Muslims. His undertone in his campaign was filled with hate for these races. And this confirmed by the rise in race hate from those who voted for Trump. Confirmed also by his appointment of a controversial figure named Stephen Bannon. Bannon is said to be too closely associated with an “alt-right” movement, which white nationalist have embraced.  “Stephen Bannon was the main driver behind Breitbart becoming a white ethno-nationalist propaganda mill,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Making America “great again” may have meant “making America white again”.
  • Promoting Rape Culture: his recent brag on how he sexually assaulted women made everyone sick from the core of their stomach whilst his supporters said he was being human (sick statement if you asked me). Looks like the world has completely forgotten about the 12 women who came forward and talked about how Trump raped them!
Do we allow one man to dictate how we live and interact with one another?

TrumphobiaThe above attributes of Trumphobia reveal real and legitimate concerns. But I have this thought in my head “are we not promoting harmless fear here?”. Could it be that we are breathing life into dead fear? It is clear that Trump was not the choice everyone hoped for or expected. It appears that neither was Hillary Clinton. However Americans democratically selected Trump for many reasons:

  • Country security against terrorists will be stronger
  • The country’s borders will have firmer enforcement
  •   His economy policies will restrengthen America’s economy as we have seen the Dollar lately.

These are some of the staff his supporters alert us to about Trump. “He has no political experience and therefore he is no bullshitter; he can be trusted” they say. For me personally I agree that world’s solutions are not within politicians; but rather within men and women of godly character, conscious and love for the people. I do not know Donald Trump that well, I know a TV personality and a business tycoon who has worked his way into the most powerful sit in the world.

Could our Trumphobia blind us from something good?

TrumphobiaBefore joining the anti-Trump movement we should ask ourselves this question: “could it be that our hatred driven by fear of the unknown robbing us of seeing good in Trump?” Maybe we are victims of our own fears here. Are there any possibilities that we maybe missing beautiful elements about the man:

  • Wealth Creation Skill: Trump has built his empire and created wealth for his family, an experience that could help America’s economy.
  • Legacy Leaver: he has built a lasting legacy for him and his family; something that he may be looking at creating in his new job. He may want to build a legacy as an American President. Some of our fears comes from not knowing what kind of legacy he will create during his tenure as the President?
  • He is a FATHER: what we may have created a scotoma on is that the man is a husband, a father and a grandfather. I do not see him pressing any nuclear button at this point. The Trump Apocalypse idea maybe stretching our minds too far and indulging ourselves in common fears. The man has a family he cares about, he has friends he cares about and therefore I do not believe he will do anything to end it all.
  • He is wealthy: America gets a wealthy President, he has no business in squandering US economy.
The origins of Trumphobia:

Clearly the man has done well and he has good attributes in him, the world is less attracted to anything good. Even with Jesus the world found every reason to condemned him to the cross. I am not saying Trump is like Jesus! But I am highlighting our ability and skill to find bad in everything we don’t approve of. Closing our eyes and ears to his good attribute exposes us to his bad attributes, which some maybe true and some maybe “true” according to our view and reality which we created for ourselves.

Media effects

The media makes its living out of our fears. Media feeds off what we give it. Our attraction to drama and the ecstasy of experiencing a sense of danger, are very things that the media use expertly to sell their stories and advance their propaganda.

We have lost taste for good news, because we have been indoctrinated to bad news by media. It is the nature of their job. Therefore our Trumphobia comes from:

  • Sensational reporting by media
  • The dirty game Trump played during his election campaigns
  • Our own “reality” instructed by bad news reporting and promoted by our fears.
We used to love Donald Trump what happened?

Apprentice used to be our favorite TV show, and we couldn’t wait to hear Donald Trump say “you’re fired”.  We loved beauty Pigeons and many other shows he has been part of. Some of us aspiring entrepreneurs admire his fearless and confident approach to business. Is it possible that we may fear confidence? I remember my friend and I talking about how fed up we are with government systems and policies. W felt powerless to influence change in these systems.

Our goal became clear that we want to create wealth so that we can influence the affairs of governance systems. When you have wealth your influence and network expands. And when you speak people listen due to the respect the have for what you have accomplished. I feel like Donald Trump has done exactly that. Not only did he fight with the opposition party, but he had battles within his own party. Frustrated politicians with his unpolitical approach. Now he has an opportunity to influence government systems.

In Conclusion:

Before we jump off the cliff because of Donald Trump, may we sit and appreciate the fact that there may be good in him that we might not be seeing. And we may miss the opportunity to pray that good triumphs over what we been have been exposed to by the selective media reporting.

Before our “reality” overshadow the actual reality, may we ask ourselves hard questions about this Trumphobia. Am I seeing things according to someone else’s perspective or I have applied my mind into this? Have I thoroughly investigated all angles of this man to form beliefs about him? We feed off our fears too much that they become nightmare monsters  people. Creating unwanted realities for ourselves. We have so much good staff happening around us. Good news that outweigh current Trumphobia; far and closer to home.

Trump is not the enemy here, but our bad news addiction is.


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Dumi is a father, an entrepreneur and a professional events manager. He grew up in a gutter, severely abused as a child he learned life on the street and had a short stint in gangsterism. Dumi is highly knowledgeable about his passion which is music. His love for people and special interest in different cultures has driven him to the world of events. He believes that events connect people and cultures. Dumi is groomed as a leader, a political analyst and a keen marketing genius. His ability to be creative and innovative set him up to be one of the people the world needs to lookout for. From a young age he read lots of materials, from novels to poetry. He fell in love with writing and sharing information. Dumi is generally friendly and loves his community. He appreciates life through music. He loves God but don't believe in what the modern church stands for. He possess a strong community development and sport background. Dumi is a son of the soil, African soil that is. He welcomes you to help him reach heights that he always dream of. Thank you.

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