Women marches against Trump a bit too late isn’t it?

women marchNow women decide to stage women marches around the world for what exactly? No matter the reasons these marches come a bit too late for my liking. Who voted Donald Trump in the first place if so many people march against him on the street? Where are those CNN women that defended Trump after the revelation that he grabs ass and he loves boobs?

These marches either they are a workout after picking up Christmas weight or I have missed a memo somewhere. What is the point in putting such an arrogant man into power then protest against him? What are you hoping to achieve?  All these superstars kept quiet before elections now they want to come out and be celebrities again? Well I think people that were against Trump becoming a President are sitting at home preparing for a life under arrogant woman abuser. These women marches will achieve very little if anything at all.

Donald Trump did not steal Presidency, you voted him in. Now you mobilize marches against him? This is a total waste of our precious time.

If Donald Trump did something now in his office maybe grabbed a boob or ass like he will do, then women, march on; but if this is the same man who bragged about grabbing ass and boobs before votes, if it’s the same man who said Hillary Clinton is a nasty woman then these marches are a total waste of our time. I am for women’s rights and everything but Trump has not trampled on any human right since becoming the President why the hate?

Let the man enjoy the fruits of American hypocrisy, let the man make America great again and stuff anyone else; that is what you voted for. People must leave Trump alone, they had an opportunity to avoid the situation. These marches are a little bit too late. You should have marched pass Donald Trump’s name on the ballot paper when you had the chance to.

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